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Buyer Registration Instructions

Step 1


1. Visit www.websitestoolz.com and click on register with your name and email id and password.


2.  In the name field enter your name add space and enter the WebsitesToolz plan name purchased.

For example:  If Joseph purchased the Growth plan 

Enter:  Joseph Growth Plan


3. Activate the link in the registration email recieved. Login to WebsitesToolz with your email id and password.


Note: We will set your name back to Joseph :)

Lets create your first campaign & notification

1. Login to WebsitesToolz

1. Now that you have logged in to your WebsitesToolz dashboard. Click on Create Campaign.


2. Click here to get instructions on next steps from our help desk.


3. Once you have created your campaign and pasted the pixel code on your website.  Next Click on the Campaign.


4. Click on any of the 24 notification boxes, scroll to the bottom and click on the Create Notification. For more  detailed instructions Click Here

Need Help?

Dont worry! we got you. Chek out all the help desk support articles for everything you need with customising your notifications. Follow the self help prompts under each field while creating your notifications.

Cant find what you need? Submit a problem on the help desk and we will get back to you.


We are totally excited to have you join the WebsitesToolz growing community of users all over the world. We hope to keep building and updating more awesome products and support  to help grow your business.

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