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Are your online visitors leaving without buying, subscribing?

WebsitesToolz gives you all the powerfull online conversion tools under one subscription.

WebsitesToolz, The social proof marketing tool that turns your online visitors into customers. 
Build credibility and Trust.
Create FOMO.
Choose from 24 different popups, coupon, email, phone number lead collector popup notifications with CTA.
Integrate using webhooks.

Just add  a one time single line of code on your website or ecommerce site. Customise unlimited notifications in any language, design, display & set triggers.
No coding skills required. 24X 7 helpdesk.







Social proof popup notifications,
Email lead collectors,
Countdown clock lead collectors, 
Phone number lead collectors,
Random review popups,
Video popups, 
Hello bar popup, 
Linktree  popup, 
Discount coupon popup,
Feedback popup,
Upsell Crosssell popups
and many more. Check out the live demo of popups right now!!!


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Easy Setup, Integrate on any website in 5 mins.

Skyrocket online conversions & boost sales!

                         Install Pixel


Easily integrate it on any website with just one line of code


                     Create Notification


Create Campaign and customise unlimited popup notifications.

                            Grow & Profit


Generate more leads, conversions and growth. It's that easy.



        Integrate with Webhooks


Conect all your favourite external applications using webhooks.

 Across Devices


Display popup notifications across desktops and mobile devices.



Enable  2FA  for advanced security of data and your account.

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90% of online shoppers look for cedibility & trust!

Create a sense of Urgency

Let your online visitors see popup notifications of what other visitors are doing on your website.


 "Katrina purchased pump shoes"


" Joe registered for the Webinar"


"Macy's beige sailor pants was purchased 
25 times in the last 24 hrs"


Build credibility & trust

Let your customers actions do all the selling.  Build credibility and trust among your visitors.


Turn all your online visitors into revenue.


Skyrocket online conversions and sales.


Grow your online business like never before.

90% Marketers spend $$$ driving traffic to their website with little focus on conversion rates!



24 Widgets & Popups

Social Proof Popups, Email/Phone number lead collectors, Video Popups,  Review Popups, Countdown Clock Collectors, Discount Popups, Upsell Popups, Hello Bar & more

8 to 14 Widgets

Very basic optin forms and email collector popups

with very basic customisation.

One Subscription

for all your online website or store conversion tools. Never Pay huge sums for multiple subscriptions. 

Multiple Subscriptions

are a burden onyour marketing spend every month.

Display on desktop, mobile, tablets

Never lose a visitor across any device or desktop. WebsitesToolz popups displays  across all devices. Control popups to display across devices.

Display on desktop

and laptops with little or no display capabilities across mobile and tablet devices.

No reduction in page load speeds

We guarantee 100% page load speeds so you never lose a visitor. Never lose page load speeds on your website or product pages even when you use 25 or 50 notifications.

Significant drop in page load speeds

have been reported that defeat the purpose of online web tools. This may cause you to lose visitors as they click away.

24 X 7 Helpdesk

 Learn to create and customise widgets and popups at your pace. Find self help knowledge base articles. Cant find what you need rasise a problem

No Support

Many competitors care little for after sales support. Many dont even often basic steps and guides to get you started.


WebsitesToolz offers advanced data security of your account with 2 factor authentication

No Security

Poor data security can often cause loss of data. 


WebsitesToolz offers advanced integration with all your favourite external applications using webhooks.

No Webhooks

Most competitors do not offer this feature.

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