Q1. What payment methods do you accept?
A1. We currently have paypal and stripe enabled for online payments. We accept offline payments through netbanking only on a quarterly billing for all subscription plans based on the monthly pricing plan.

Q2. Can i create manual and real time conversion notifications?
A2. Yes! you can create a stream of manual and real time conversion notifications in addition to other lead capturing collector notifications.

Q3. Do i need to create a new signup to access Help Desk?
A3. Yes! You can login with social networks or just signup with an email id and you can access all the knowledge base and get self help for all your technical queries. currently one to one support is only available to paid accounts.

Q4. Why is notifications impressions a better metric than page views?
A4. Notification impressions are a real count of the number of notifications viewed by a user when he visits one page or many pages on your website or store. Pageviews are the number of pages viewed by a visitor. A user could quickly browse through several pages without seeing all or any of your notifications.

Q5. Can i cancel, upgrade or downgrade any subscription plan?
A5. Yes! you may cancel, upgrade or downgrade any subscription plan at any time during the subscription period.

Q6. On which platforms can i enable WebsitesToolz notifications?
A6. You can enable all our 24 notifications on all web platforms including wix, wordpress, squarespace, clickfunnels, shopify and all eccomerce websites.

Q7. Can i track conversions from notifications on my website?
A7. Yes! with the help of webhooks you can send and recieve data to over 1000 web applications using zapier or any other service.

Q8. Can i enable 2 factor authentication for my account?
A8. Yes! we provide advanced security for your data and all accounts. you can enable 2 Factor authentication for your account from your login dashboard.

Q9. Can i remove the branding on the notiications?
A9. Yes you can remove the websitestoolz.com branding and add your branding in the Growth and Gorilla plans.