Top 7 ClickFunnels alternatives. How to Create an Edging Sales Funnel with ClickFunnels.

The main differences between a click funnel and a sales funnel

The way online marketing professionals describe a click funnel is a “series of pages leading to a conversion event.” A conversion event refers to a couple of things. It means a point where all entry points converge. It also means converting shoppers into buyers. Eventually, we want to convert buyers into return buyers, but that’s not the same thing. It’s good enough to understand a click funnel as a narrowing series of options. What separates a good click funnel from a bad one is that in a good one, the narrowing of choices is paired at every stage with convincing sales content until the customer is guided to buying your product or service. A click funnel might seem like just a tool, but when used correctly it can boost businesses. Yes, we want to actually persuade our customers at the same time as we narrow the number of things they can click on. It isn’t as if we can force them to stay inside our funnel. No, we have to be persuasive at every point, or they will spiral out of the funnel like a refrigerator in a tornado. The main difference is that sales funnels are a broader concept, something like the salesperson and his guiding hands in the introduction. Understanding sales funnels is more difficult because it is more abstract. Therefore, it is better to think in terms of a sales funnel as you construct a click funnel.

ClickFunnels is a popular digital marketing tool that empowers business owners to create high-quality landing, sales, and payment pages. However, there are plenty of other platforms that can help you to create a sales funnel that works for your business.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of the ClickFunnels platform
  • What makes a good landing page building tool
  • The 7 best ClickFunnels alternatives

ClickFunnels Overview

ClickFunnels is a tool that helps business owners create websites with a built-in sales funnel. With ClickFunnels, you can build a website that is designed to guide potential customers through the buying process. According to research, 79% of leads never complete the sales process to become sales. Adding social proof popup notifications tool like WebsitesToolz to your landing pages can drive online conversions by 300%, Just by adding WebsitesToolz pixel code to your Clickfunnels landing page. Checkout our guide on pasting a single line of code on your ClickFunnels landing page.

Advantages of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels has several advantages compared to other website page builders:

  • Offers efficient, swift webpage building.
  • Provides a flexible, intuitive system for making edits to your web pages.
  • Comes with a range of high-quality professional webpage template designs.
  • Access to free training and ongoing support.
  • Offers email marketing features such as social proof integration and autoresponder features to automate your lead generation.
  • Includes a free trial.
  • Can create membership-based websites that improve customer loyalty.
  • Offers payment system integrations with Stripe and Paypal to improve customer experience.
  • Comes with high-quality analytics for tracking conversions, A/B testing, and sales.

Disadvantages of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels does have a few disadvantages, too. For some businesses, these disadvantages may mean an alternative platform is a better fit.

  • Despite the onboarding process, it can take some time to become comfortable with the platform.
  • Relatively expensive compared to some competitors. The cheapest plan starts at $97/month.
  • Doesn’t provide blog functionality, which means your content marketing efforts will be far more complicated.
  • It’s closed source software, meaning you are unable to change code elements.

What To Look For in a Landing Page Builder

Before we get into some ClickFunnels alternatives, let’s examine some of the key aspects of a good landing page builder.

  • Professional templates. If your business doesn’t want to hire a designer to build your website from scratch, professional templates will make building your company’s website a quick and straightforward process.
  • A/B testing. To ensure your website generates leads, A/B testing is a vital element for any landing page builder. With A/B testing, you’ll be able to analyze your landing pages to find the best possible language and formatting for them.
  • Simple editing features. Building a website should be straightforward. Look for a landing page builder that empowers you to drag and drop, modify fonts and colors, and edit your content easily. Checkout this post 7 Best social proof tools to boost online sales

7 Best ClickFunnels Alternatives

While ClickFunnels can be a fantastic option for many businesses, there is a range of ClickFunnels alternatives that offer similar features and functions. Here are seven of the best. 

  1. HubSpot Marketing Hub
  2. Unbounce 
  3. Elementor 
  4. Instapage
  5. Leadpages
  6. Getresponse 
  7. ConvertKit

1.Hubspot Marketing Hub


HubSpot is a leading CRM platform that also offers several excellent free features for improving your sales and marketing funnel, from form and landing page builders, to live chat and email marketing. The best part about HubSpot’s freemium offering is by far the free CRM where you can store up to 1,000,000 contacts. 

HubSpot makes for a great Clickfunnels alternative exactly because it comes with an all-in-one package and a powerful CRM. The landing page building tool is easy to use and comes with a range of professional templates. The editing software is intuitive and offers plenty of opportunities for personalization. Skyrocket last mile online conversions on your Hubspot landing page, display real time conversion notifications with WebsitesToolz .Build credibility and trust, let your visitors know what other users are doing on your website compelling them to take action.

Key features:

  • Mobile optimized webpages
  • Built-in library of 13+ professional templates
  • Drag-and-drop page editor 
  • Personalized content, CTAs, and forms
  • Email marketing integration
  • Option to use as a CRM
  • Blogging functionality
  • A/B testing for each element on your webpages 

Pricing: HubSpot’s free package does not include landing pages but offers:

  • Forms
  • Email marketing 
  • Ad management 
  • Live chat

The Starter package, at $50/month, includes:

  • All free features
  • Landing pages
  • Conversation bots
  • Insights and analytics

HubSpot’s other packages come with further features. The Professional plan starts at $890/month and Enterprise at $3,200/month.

What makes HubSpot a good ClickFunnels alternative:  While HubSpot offers a full suite of marketing services, ClickFunnels focuses more on building sales funnels through website design. 

If your main goal is to improve your lead conversion rate by optimizing your website as a sales funnel, ClickFunnels may suit you best. On the other hand, if you aim to build a website on a platform with a wide range of built-in marketing features, HubSpot is a better choice. Must read this blog post. 12 Best social proof popups to instantly boost sales 3X.

2. Unbounce


Similar to ClickFunnels, Unbounce is a landing page builder with a strong focus on driving conversions. The platform is designed to help landing page builders guide customers towards making a sale. With Unbounce’s drag-and-drop, customizable builder at your disposal, creating landing pages is highly efficient. 

Unbounce offers extensive A/B testing to optimize webpages, Customize and personalize real time conversion notifications on your landing page with WebsitesToolz. Skyrocket last mile online conversions with over 24 different popup notifications from social proof notifications, lead capture popups, countdown clock email collectors, text feedback popups and hello bar clock and discount notifications

Key features:

  • A/B testing 
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Fast landing page building
  • High-quality professional templates 
  • Access to third-party template designers
  • Customizable
  • Reports
  • Create targeted pop-ups 

Pricing: Unbounce offers four package types — Launch, Optimize, Accelerate, and Scale. Launch, designed for small businesses, starts at $80/month. Optimize, which includes A/B testing, begins at $120/month.

What makes Unbounce a good ClickFunnels alternative: Both ClickFunnels and Unbounce offer user-friendly landing page building with a goal of converting leads. Nevertheless, Unbounce focuses more on creating high-quality landing pages than creating sales funnels. 

If you’re also looking into comparing Unbounce and HubSpot, the latter is a better choice if you’re looking to build holistic marketing campaigns and have all your data and tools in one place. do read this recent blog post How to create awesome video popups with Websitestoolz

3. Elementor


Elementor is a landing page builder that offers pages for WordPress websites. The platform features high-quality designs and templates. The editing software is intuitive with drag-and-drop capabilities. 

Unlike some Wordpress landing page builders, Elementor is highly customizable, so you can build landing pages that look truly unique. Elementor is also open source and extendable. Your developers can build their own themes, add-ons, and continue to improve upon your website’s design.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-use page editor and builder for WordPress
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Open source offers further design options
  • Integrates with marketing tools 
  • Pop-up builder
  • Forms

Pricing: Elementor’s free option comes with the drag-and-drop builder and 30 basic widgets. The Pro versions start at $49/year and offer a wide range of more advanced features.

What makes Elementor a good ClickFunnels alternative:  Elementor is generally easier to use than ClickFunnels when it comes to landing page building. 

While ClickFunnels comes with marketing tools such as email marketing, payment options, memberships, and reports, Elementor can also support these functions with plugins. With WebsitesToolz display manual and real time conversion notifications on your landing pages. Create a fear of missing out or urgency. Show social proof notifications when a user makes a purchase, submits a form or subscribes . checkout this recent blog post 10 Quick Tips How Big Brands Use Social Proof.

4. Instapage


Instapage is another landing page builder with a focus on generating conversions. 

Instapage’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder creates high-quality, fast-loading landing pages that are relevant to searches and encourage sales. The high level of personalization means your landing pages will be unique for each individual search.

Instapage comes with AdMap technology that empowers you to visualize your landing pages and their performance within a larger campaign. The cloud-based technology also makes working as a team simple.

Key features:

  • Mobile optimized
  • A/B testing
  • Personalization features tailor landing pages to your unique visitors
  • AdMap
  • Fast loading feature
  • Collaboration feature to work as a team on landing pages
  • 14-day free trial

Pricing: Instapage’s Optimizing plan starts at $199/month.

What makes Instapage a good ClickFunnels alternative: ClickFunnels is focused on marketing sales funnels using landing pages. With its built-in marketing features, this platform is best suited to marketing teams. Instapage, on the other hand, is ideal for PPC marketers who want to create high-converting landing pages as part of a PPC campaign. Skyrocket online conversions on your Instapage landing page with WebsitesTool. Checkout our guide on how to display real time paypal, stripe purchase notifications for any purchase made on your landing page be it ecommerce , online courses, event tickets or digital marketing services. Do read this blog post Top 3 ways to boost online conversions with lead magnets?

5. Leadpages


Leadpages helps you generate leads and conversions with landing pages that guide your visitors to make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter. The platform enables you to build Stripe-powered payments into your website checkout. 

Leadpages also includes pre-designed templates that have been proven to increase conversions, along with real-time tracking, so you can optimize your ad campaigns as you go.

Key features:

  • Free trial
  • Easy-to-use code-free tool
  • Pop-up and alert bar builder
  • Unlimited A/B tests
  • Real-time tracking
  • Conversion generating templates
  • Marketing integrations
  • Mobile optimized

Pricing: After using Leadpages’ free trial, you can choose between three payment plans — Standard, Pro, and Advanced. With Standard, which costs $37/month, you’ll get features such as landing pages, pop-ups, alerts, and hosting for one website. 

With Pro, at $79/month, you’ll be able to use the platform for three websites, along with features such as online sales and payments and A/B testing.

What makes Leadpages a good ClickFunnels alternative: While ClickFunnels offers more customizability compared to LeadPages, the latter is a much cheaper option that offers many of the same features. For new businesses with basic landing page needs, Leadpages may be a better option. Checkout our guide on how to boost landing page conversions with an embed maichimp popup or contact form and show real time conversions notifications for signups and subscriptions with WebsitesToolz. Compel your leadpages landing page visitors to follow suit and take action.

6. GetResponse


GetResponse is more of a marketing tool than some of the other landing page builders on this list. It offers landing pages, emails, sales funnel building, and automated marketing. The landing page feature is easy to use and offers widgets to help improve your conversions.

GetResponse’s features empower you to make your landing pages part of a wider marketing campaign using one centralized platform. 

With GetResponse, you can create professional marketing emails using templates, send automated follow-up emails targeted to customers throughout the sales journey, and build specific sales funnels for your business.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-use landing page building that’s designed as part of a sales funnel
  • A/B testing for all design and copy elements
  • Email marketing with templates and design tools
  • Automated emails to encourage customers back into the sales funnel
  • Webinar, opt-in, and sales funnels
  • Free 30-day trial

Pricing: GetReponse’s Basic plan includes an email list of up to 1,000 and costs $15/month. The Plus option includes multiple sales funnels, webinar funnels, and users at $49/month.

What makes GetResponse a good ClickFunnels alternative: Like ClickFunnels, GetResponse is focused on creating sales funnels rather than just landing pages. Its email integration means that landing pages are only a small part of the funnel-building process.  Checkout our guide on how to paste websitestool pixel code on your getresponse landing page. Just by pasting a line of code into your GetResponse landing page, you could display real time conversion notifications with WebsitesToolz .Build credibility and trust, let your visitors know what other users are doing on your website compelling them to take action.

However, GetResponse offers more advanced A/B testing and more customizable templates than ClickFunnels. checkout this recent blog post Top 12 reasons your email marketing is failing?

7. Convertkit


ConvertKit is a platform designed for small businesses to start monetizing their social followings or creative projects. 

With an easy-to-use landing page builder, ConvertKit makes it easy for individual creatives to build successful sales funnels into their websites to start earning money from their endeavors. 

Key features:

  • Simple landing page builder
  • Includes free downloads 
  • Personalized content based on search terms
  • Email marketing with templates and email sign-up forms
  • Automated sales funnel
  • Buying pages
  • Marketing integrations
  • Free trial

Pricing: ConvertKit’s free package offers features for up to 1,000 subscribers. The Creator plan, starting at $29/month, and Creator Pro, starting at $59/month offer slightly more advanced features.

What makes ConvertKit a good ClickFunnels alternative: ConvertKit is designed for new small businesses or individual creators looking to build a professional, high-converting website for a following of around 1,000. Display randomn review social proof notifications on your Convertkit landing pages with WebsitesToolz. Checkout our guide on how to collect testimonials or feedback with the text feedback notification and send data to third party applications like Trello, SalesForce, or Asana.

WebsitesToolz is one of the most effective Social proof marketing tools. We turn your online visitors into customers with 24 different types of popup notifications with call to action ideal for every online business. You could create and display a stream of conversion notifications, product counter notifications, Video Popups, Phone number collectors, Linktree Popups, Countdown clock email id collectors, Modal lead collectors, Discount popus, Hello bar notifications, Text feedback popups and many more. You could easily integrate with all your favourite applications using webhooks or a service like Zapier.

Click funnel example

Let’s walk through the journey of a customer at an online business down a click funnel:At each point in the funnel, a purchase becomes more likely. Keep in mind that as you build sales funnels, choices become less diverse and more sales-oriented until the only button left to click is the one to complete the transaction.More advanced funnels might take a slightly different path, but regardless of the funnel type, it should end with a conversion.You must design your landing pages and your sales and content pages to guide the customer along your sales funnels to purchase.


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