Unleashing the Power of Customer Reviews: How Top Ecommerce Brands are Boosting Sales and Customer Loyalty.

Customer experience remains the key for ecommerce brands, that means doing everything possible to ensure that every customer, both new and returning, has an out-of-this-world shopping experience that keeps them coming back. The term customer experience refers to the sum total of all the online interactions a customer has with your brand. It may start with your company website but could also include mobile apps, chat bots, social media, and any other channels where the touchpoint is virtual.

Did you know that 53% of shoppers say that they have stopped buying from an online store because of a bad experience or that a competitor offered a better one? The problem boils down to one thing, the lack of understanding of customer experience in ecommerce. It’s now easier than ever to start your own online business. However, just launching your own store isn’t enough. To make sure people know about you and keep coming back to your store, there needs to be efforts put into making the online customer experience the best it can be.  Today we would like to put the focus on how top ecommerce brands are using customer reviews to boost sales among first time visitors and retaining exisitng customers with giveaways and loyalty rewards programs. Check out these  brands creating unforgettable online shopping experiences.

Health & Beauty

1. Moroccanoil 

Popular hair and skincare brand Moroccanoil is a cult favorite amongst its loyal customers. From shampoos and conditioners to styling tools, Moroccan Oil can help you take your hair from same-old to spectacular. 

What inspires us: 

  • A Magento 2 brand, Moroccanoil launched their loyalty program, BeautyCircle within just a few months. Now, they’re using Yotpo-powered modules, on-brand components that enable their loyalty program to have a seamless, engaging look-and-feel, plus it makes it easy for them to add seasonal campaigns or perks. Thus providing a rich customer experience.

  • Moroccanoil also features filterable reviews, so shoppers can find exactly what they’re looking for creating great customer experience. Shoppers can toggle between hair formation, texture, and concern to find the reviews that best fit their needs, building credibility and trust right away. This way they establish social proof, transparency and build purchase confidence. Click Here to check this post “10 Quick Tips How Big Brands Use Social Proof”

  • Moroccanoil’s homepage visual gallery features beautiful shots from their Instagram with the #ArganEveryday and then it sends shoppers right to product pages for every featured product.

2. Wander Beauty

Beauty brand Wander Beauty creates products for busy people everywhere. Their multitasking products do more with every use, and every product is made clean, cruelty free, and free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrances. It’s skincare that works for and with your skin.

What inspires us:

  • Their robust loyalty program, Wanderess Miles Rewards, is built on their Magento 2 platform and designed with a sleek, on-brand look-and-feel. Members earn miles, and they can use those miles toward exclusive rewards, eventually leveling their way up through VIP tiers. Now, they’re even promoting their program via emails by including point balances in every email! This way the customer experience is so enriching and rewarding for Wander Beauty.

  • With thousands of reviews on their products, Wander Beauty enables shoppers to make confident purchase decisions with social proof front and center. Their Q&A feature also enables shoppers to ask the brand directly any product questions, as well as make suggestions for future product iterations. WebsitesToolz is a powerfull tool with over 24 different widgets with call to action. You could collect customer feedback with WebsitesToolz text feedback widget and send this data to external applications on slack or zendesk. Click here to check this post “5 Best ecommerce help desk software applications”


Cult favorite hair care brand OLAPLEX has a loyal following of customers who just can’t get enough — just take one look at their reviews to see for yourself! Their formula is built to repair damaged hair, making it healthier and more radiant with every wash.

What inspires us:

  • The reviews are in for OLAPLEX, and they’re staggeringly good. Plus, the brand enables shoppers to filter by hair type, hair concerns, and product appreciation. To make it as easy as possible for shoppers to see reviews, the brand features a dedicated page to showcase all of them. With over 6,000 displayed, OLAPLEX boosts social proof and enhances customer experience journey. With WebsitesToolz randomn review popup notification you can create unlimited manual popup review notifications. you can customise the design, display to show popups on target product pages and trigger when the visitor has been on the page for X seconds, on page scroll % or when he is about to exit. This way you convert undecided visitors into paying customers. most stores have static reviews on the homepage that may not always be seen. With Websitestoolz you can display video customer reviews as popups which are 10X more rewarding than text reviews as it just sweetens the customer experience almost like having an online conversation. Must read post “How to create awesome video popups with Websitestoolz”

4. Tatcha

For high-quality Japanese skincare products, look no further than Tatcha. The brand combines time-honored beauty practices with minimally manipulated ingredients to create products that leave your skin looking and feeling great.

What inspires us:

  • Right on the homepage, Tatcha features their best-selling products. Catching shoppers’ eye from the start, the brand showcases average star ratings and the number of reviews under each product exhibiting social proof, creating an automatic feeling of confidence. And, to streamline purchases as much as possible, Tatcha includes an “Add to Bag” button right from the product perfect for returning customers coming back to refill their favorite product. This way Tatcha exhibits great customer experience.

  • On product pages, their reviews are filterable down to the specifics, including a category where customers can call out “What I Love” about the product, and their skin type.

  • Tatcha also features a visual gallery on the homepage that’s beautiful and shoppable. The gallery showcases photos both from Tatcha’s Instagram, influencer partnerships, and happy customers posing with their favorite products.

Fashion & Accessories

5. Princess Polly

Iconic Australian fashion brand Princess Polly knows their customers. With a wide variety of trendy, chic, and easy-to-wear items, the brand has become a sensation across the globe. 

What inspires us:

  • Princess Polly puts customer experience front and center. The brand has collected over 95,000 reviews that speak to their top-notch products, and they display them in multiple locations across their product pages to maximize social proof
  • You could collect customer feedback with WebsitesToolz text feedback widget and send this data to external applications on slack or zendesk. Click here to check this post “5 Best ecommerce help desk software applications”

  • In addition, Princess Polly showcases happy customers posing in the cute, unique styles with eye-catching shoppable Instagram galleries on the homepage and product pages. Now, they’re even focused on selling across Instagram and TikTok.

  • Princess Polly requests reviews and visual content across multiple channels, including post-purchase review emails, and they text customers for feedback as well, including reviews, star ratings, photos, and videos.
  • But, that’s not all! Princess Polly also has a robust points-based VIP tier loyalty program: Princess Polly Rewards. The program offers incentives associated with higher spend and unique rewards designed to inspire customers to level up. 



6. Jane

Fashion brand Jane has everything anyone could need for the entire family, including clothes, shoes, home goods, and more. Stylish and comfortable, Jane provides fun, classic wear.

What inspires us:

  • Their extremely personalized loyalty program shows shoppers exactly how they can earn points, and then displays their balance front and center in their Rewards account. It’s easy for shoppers to see how much they need to spend to earn perks with every shopping experience. Checkout this post “How to setup shopify conversions with WebsitesToolz”

7. Show Me Your Mumu

Fashion brand Show Me Your Mumu believes that life is fun, and your clothes should be too. With a broad range of stylish and sexy pieces, from bridesmaids dresses to swimsuits, Show Me Your Mumu is a one-stop shop for all the timelessly cute styles.

What inspires us:

  • Their loyalty program, Club Mumu, is fully integrated throughout their entire on-site customer experience. Their engaging program leverages a five tiered VIP program, and they frequently run exclusive campaigns and promotions just for loyalty members. 
  • Click Here to check this post “10 Quick Tips How Big Brands Use Social Proof”

8. Birdy Grey

The go-to shop for bridesmaids dresses, Birdy Grey makes it easy to have an Instagram-ready wedding. With so many styles, colors, fabrics, and more to choose from, plus a donated program to return dresses once worn, Birdy Grey makes it easy to check bridesmaid prep off the wedding to-do list.

What inspires us:

  • Birdy Grey features an entire page dedicated to a visual gallery so customers can get inspired by real weddings. With the hashtag #birdyinthewild, Birdy Grey displays gorgeous wedding photos from real brides, tags products in the photos, and enables shoppers to filter by color palette, making it easy to find the exact wedding style shoppers are looking for making for enhanced customer experience.

  • Once shoppers get to the product pages, Birdy Grey features reviews from customers, including the most relevant topics, like fabric, color, and size. This way they build credibility and trust using social proof. Must read post “12 Best social proof popups to instantly boost sales 3X”

9. United By Blue

Dedicated to the betterment of the environment, clothing and accessories brand United By Blue removes one pound of trash from the ocean for every product purchased. Their loyal customers are as dedicated to their mission as they are to the brand, making for a passion-driven community. 

What inspires us:

  • Their loyalty program, The Blue Crew, rewards shoppers not only for making purchases, but for participating in Waterway Cleanups, United By Blue’s organized events across the globe inviting people to come out and clean waterways near them. It’s a great way to earn rewards for great products and for giving back.

  • They’re killing it with SMS marketing. When shoppers enter the site, they’re invited to sign up to receive SMS messages from United By Blue to receive 15% off their first order and be entered to win a $200 gift card. With WebsitesToolz request collector widget you could customise a similiar popup like the one below and collect your visitors mobile number either for an SMS campaign or schedule a call back.

10. Moscot

Chic eyewear brand Moscot offers trendy eyeglasses, sunglasses, and accessories that perfectly frame every face shape. A family-owned brand based in New York City, Moscot is committed to expert craftsmanship with every frame.

What inspires us:

  • An on-brand reviews carousel on product pages with a sleek look-and-feel captures the essence of Moscot while showcasing happy customer feedback.

  • A visual gallery on the homepage displays various styles, both eyeglasses and sunglasses, worn in the wild by customers everywhere. Plus, the gallery is shoppable, taking customers directly to the product pages from that influential social proof. With Websitestoolz you can display video customer reviews as popups which are 10X more rewarding than text reviews as it just sweetens the customer experience almost like having an online conversation. Must read post “How to create awesome video popups with Websitestoolz”

Home & Electronics

11. Caraway Home

First launched in 2019, Caraway Home creates quality cookware with non-toxic, non-stick materials. Built to be simple to clean, safe to use, and easy to store, Caraway cookware sets look great, and they ensure you can become the quarantine chef you’ve always aspired to be. 

What inspires us:

  • Caraway Home showcases thoughtful, influential customer reviews on their product pages, complete with filters and popular topics. Customers can easily sort through thousands of reviews to find ones most relevant to them. 

  • Even though the brand launched recently, they now have the most reviewed cookware set. In just three months of activating the 2-in-1 Site Review Requests, Caraway Home  has collected as many site reviews as the previous three months’ total reviews! Plus, they now have a 13% order-to-review rate, and they’ve seen a 140% uplift in conversion. That’s some powerful social proof! 
  • You could collect customer feedback with WebsitesToolz text feedback widget and send this data to external applications on slack or zendesk or trigger an email. You could even create manual randomn review popups from the feedback recieved. Click here to check this post “5 Best ecommerce help desk software applications”

12. Turtle Beach 

Gaming accessories brand Turtle Beach is a pioneer when it comes to high-quality gaming audio. Since the release of the first console gaming headset in 2005, Turtle Beach has been focused on designing top-notch products for the best gaming experiences.

What inspires us:

  • Turtle Beach’s seamless look-and-feel is deployed at every touchpoint across their site, including their reviews. Their custom rewards grid matches their product catalog, and provides a comfortable, reliable customer shopping experience.

  • Additionally, Turtle Beach offers a highly valuable loyalty and referrals program called Turtle Beach Rewards. Shoppers can earn points for purchases and various actions and redeem those points for discounts. Each 100 points is $5 off! Click Here to read this post “Top 3 ways to boost online conversions with lead magnets?”

13. Pura Scents

Pura Scents’ creates smart home scent diffusers that are perfect for any space. With non-toxic ingredients and easy-to-use features, customers can enjoy great smells anytime they’d like.

What inspires us:

  • Pura displays reviews across every product page, so shoppers can see exactly what customers love about each scent. The brand also features a Q&A section, and they respond personally to each question, providing an essential human touch.

  • Pura’s loyalty and referrals programs, Pura Rewards, enables shoppers to easily stack up points with every purchase. The program’s clean look-and-feel echoes the non-toxic nature of their scents, and a referral program incentivizes customers to refer for $12 (or 240 points) off their next purchase. Check out his post “5 Best ecommerce help desk software applications”

14. Nectar Sleep

Nectar mattresses, bed frames, bedding, and more are guaranteed to give you a better sleep every night. Their mattresses are designed with gel memory foam and cooling technology, and their sleeping accessories match perfectly for a dreamy sleep experience.

What inspires us:

  • Nectar features their millions (yes, millions!) of reviews directly from the homepage. Not only do they feature a rotating carousel of their top reviews, but they’ve also built a dedicated page for reviews, where shoppers can toggle between products to find the reviews they’re looking for. Plus, their product pages feature filterable reviews that make it easy to organize between best mattresses for sleeping positions, size, and more. With Websitestoolz you can create unlimited random review popups and also display video customer reviews as popups which are 10X more rewarding than text reviews as it just sweetens the customer experience almost like having an online conversation. Must read post “How to create awesome video popups with Websitestoolz”

Food & Beverage

15. Chomps

Family-owned snack brand Chomps serves up simple, delicious, protein-rich snacks without the hidden, harmful ingredients. The brand sources directly from farmers committed to treating their land and animals right; their farmers practices natural regenerative agricultural methods, and the animals are grass-fed and cage free. 

What inspires us: 

  • Their cleverly named loyalty program, Chompion Rewards, enables shoppers to earn points for special perks and discounts on both new orders and subscription orders. Plus, the brand offers an exclusive “Give $5, Get $5” referral program to incentivize shoppers to refer their friends. 
  • Click here to read this post “Top 3 proven ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment”

  • Chomps collects thousands of reviews on every product, and they display notable qualities at the top of each review, like the “Spiciness” level. Plus, they feature customer photos at the top of their reviews as well, and each photo is shoppable for maximum conversion.

  • Chomps also features a homepage gallery on the site to entice shoppers at early touchpoints. By encouraging their shoppers to post on social media with their handle @chomps, the brand collects hundreds of beautiful photos — social proof for the win!

16. Sakara Life

Wellness brand Sakara Life makes it easier than ever to eat clean. The brand enables shoppers to build a customized food plan just for them, and the meals are delivered, ready-to-eat, right to customers’ doorsteps. Clean eating, just like that. 

What inspires us:

  • With the help of their agency DIFF, Sakara Life set up a loyalty program, Sakara Rewards, in only a few weeks. The program is engaging and seamless, and members can earn 850 points for referring friends!

  • In addition to their meal plans, Sakara Life also sells clean products, like supplements, powders, teas, and more, from their Clean Boutique. Shoppers can easily filter reviews on products by age, so they can make sure the reviews are the most accurate for them. 
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17. KIND Snacks

We love KIND Snacks for their wide variety of tasty, healthy snack options, from energy bars to granola to oatmeal. Plus, shoppers can build their own boxes of products to get exactly what they want, every time.

What inspires us: 

  • KIND’s on-brand aesthetic drives engagement toward their loyalty program, KIND Rewards. The brand even runs timely promotions, like double points campaigns, to incentivize shoppers to join and purchase. 

  • Mirroring the brand’s transparent tone, KIND’s product reviews are filterable by the most important feature: the bottomline. Reviewers can choose between “yes, they’d recommend the product” or “no, they wouldn’t recommend,” and that bottomline is featured at the top of the review, making it easy for shoppers to get a clear, authentic review at a glance. 
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18. King’s Hawaiian

Known for their deliciously soft Hawaiian rolls, King’s Hawaiian serves up delicious products and cool merch. Shoppers can find irresistible recipes on their website that pair perfectly with their products, from sliced Hawaiian Sweet bread to their Hawaiian-inspired BBQ sauces (exclusively available online). Yum!

What inspires us:

  • King’s Hawaiian splits reviews into two categories: reviews for their actual products and reviews for the recipes that feature their products. No matter what shoppers are looking for, they’ll find authentic reviews they can trust. The brand also splits their reviews and Q&A features on product pages, so the team can really engage their customers to ensure they’re buying the right products.
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  • King’s Hawaiian features a cute visual gallery on the homepage, encouraging shoppers to “Share the Bread Love” with their own photos in King’s Hawaiian merchandise.

19. Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Mountain Dew Game Fuel was developed in partnership with pros and elite amateurs as the first beverage designed just for gamers. With core flavors like Berry Blast, Cherry Burst, and Original DEW that are all just 90 calories, Zero Sugar flavors, Raspberry Lemonade and Watermelon Shock, and a resealable lid to prevent spills during gaming sessions, Game Fuel is designed to level up their gameplay.   

What inspires us: 

  • Game Fuel’s rewards program, Game Fuel Victory Pass Rewards, is a loyalty program built just for gamers. The brand enables members to “level up” by buying cases of Game Fuel — the higher the level, the better the rewards. More levels will be revealed throughout the year, incentivizing members to continue to purchase to be surprised.
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  • Game Fuel also features product reviews, complete with the option for gamers to include their favorite games and the teams they play for, creating personal, intimate feedback experiences.

Sports & Outdoor

20. Googan Squad

For “products made for the everyday angler by the everyday angler,” Googan Squad is the go-to brand for fishing enthusiasts everywhere. 

What inspires us:

  • Their homepage visual gallery is eye-catching, and it shows customers using their products for a wide variety of uses. Plus, customers can head directly to product pages for the items featured in the photos.

  • Their loyalty program, Team Googan, is an excellent way to earn many rewards while shopping. There are plenty of engaging ways to rack up points, and the more customers earn, the higher they can level up their VIP status. Once they reach Bronze, Gold, and Platinum status, customers gain access to exclusive Team Googan merch.
  • Check this post out “Top 3 proven ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment”

  • Googan Squad is also taking advantage of SMS marketing. With so many popular channels, including YouTube, they’re promoting their Googan Text Club so shoppers can receive news, promotions, and giveaways straight to their phone! 
  • With WebsitesToolz request collector widget you could customise a similiar popup like the one below and collect your visitors mobile number either for an SMS campaign or schedule a call back.

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