“Increase Engagement: The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Real-Time Product Alerts on Shopify with WebsitesToolz”

 As an ecommerce store owner, building credibility and trust among your visitors is crucial for increasing sales. One effective way to achieve this is by displaying your top ranking customers with real-time popups on your website. With WebsitesToolz you can diplay as popups how much money your top customers are spending, you can create a fear of missing out (FOMO) and influence new visitors to take action and complete their purchase.

In this blog post, we will explore how WebsitesToolz social proof conversion popups can help you achieve this and boost your sales instantly. Further we are going to deep dive into a step by step guide. on how you can display new product alerts on your shopify store as popups in real time. With Websitestoolz you can achieve this within 5 mis with just a few clicks and you do not need any coding skills.

By following the steps in the below youtube explainer video, you can easily set up real-time new product popup notifications in Shopify using WebsitesToolz to increase user engagement and drive more sales on your store.

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Real-Time Product Alerts on Shopify with WebsitesToolz

  1. Instilling Urgency: Presenting popups featuring current top spenders and their expenses cultivates a sense of urgency and FOMO among other customers. Observing significant spending by peers can prompt them to make purchases to join the exclusive league of top spenders.
  2. Social Validation: People are inclined by the actions of their counterparts. When customers witness real-time popups illustrating others’ purchases and satisfaction with your offerings, it serves as social validation. This fosters trust and confidence in your brand, increasing the likelihood of potential customers converting into buyers.
  3. Personalized Recognition: Showcasing individual customers as top spenders adds a personalized element. This acknowledgment makes customers feel esteemed and valued, bolstering their loyalty towards your brand. Consequently, they are more inclined to maintain their spending habits and share positive feedback with others.
  4. Incorporating Gamification and Incentives: Utilizing real-time popups featuring top spenders as part of a gamification strategy enables you to provide rewards or perks to customers hitting specific spending milestones. This incentivizes others to boost their spending to unlock similar benefits, fostering competitiveness and enthusiasm that translate into immediate sales.
  5. Leveraging Data-Driven Marketing: Real-time popups yield valuable insights into customer behavior and spending trends. Leveraging this data allows you to segment your audience, personalize marketing communications, and tailor offers according to individual spending preferences. This data-centric approach culminates in targeted marketing endeavors that amplify sales and overall customer contentment. When executed proficiently, showcasing real-time popups of top spending customers and their expenditure can evoke urgency, establish social validation, enhance personalization, and propel sales promptly.

WebsitesToolz offers you 24 different widgets and popups for every online business or ecommerce store. If you do not have an account, signup for a 30 day free trial account with just your email id, no credit card required. Once you create an account all you have to do is to paste a one line pixel code on to your website or ecommerce store. With websitestoolz helpdesk you can find step by step guides for almost all platforms. Once you create a campaign, just choose the latest conversions popup and customise it as explained in the video tutorial below and you will be able to display your top ranking customers and the amounts they are spending on your store. For this video tutorial i have taken Shopify as the ecommerce platform. The steps are almost identical for all other platforms as well.

Best practices on how to display popups in real time.

Real-time social proof popups can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, helping to build trust, increase conversions, and drive customer engagement. To ensure you use them effectively, here are some best practices to follow:

1. Choose the right timing: Display social proof popups at the right moment in the customer journey. For example, show them when a visitor is about to make a purchase or when they are browsing product pages. This will maximize their impact and relevance.

2. Make it visually appealing: Design your popups to be visually appealing and on-brand. Use eye-catching colors, clear typography, and attractive images to grab attention and make a lasting impression.

3. Highlight relevant information: Customize your popups to showcase the most relevant information. Display recent purchases, positive reviews, or user-generated content that aligns with the visitor’s interests.

4. Use real-time data: Ensure that the social proof displayed is based on real-time data. This adds credibility and authenticity to the popups and makes them more persuasive.

5. Keep it concise: Keep the content of your popups concise and to the point. Use short, compelling messages that quickly communicate the benefit or value of your product or service.

6. Incorporate personalization: Leverage personalization to make your popups more effective. Address visitors by their name, display their location, or show recommendations based on their browsing history. This creates a personalized and tailored experience.

7. Test and optimize: Continuously test different variations of your popups to determine which ones are most effective. Experiment with different copy, designs, and triggers to find the combination that generates the highest engagement and conversions.

8. Respect user experience: Avoid displaying popups too frequently or in a way that disrupts the user experience. Strike a balance between promoting your social proof and ensuring a seamless browsing experience for your visitors.

By following these best practices, you can leverage real-time social proof popups to effectively engage your audience, build trust, and ultimately boost sales and revenue for your ecommerce store.


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